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When we moved to Sussex in the early nineties, I soon wanted to try and paint the local landscape. However being a new father and trying to squeeze in working for a living meant that that ambition went on the back burner for quite a time. Initially I started taking photographs, and have continued to do so. See my daily blog Quotidian, link above.

My photographs and sketches form the source material for my work. Living within very close proximity of the South Downs has been a great source of pleasure and inspiration to me. I have enjoyed finding many quiet places and unusual views either by bike or on foot. In the last few years I have begun to get some way towards actually painting the landscape as I want to. This confidence has enabled me to gather momentum and to expand my approach; both in technique, and subject matter. Experience and experiment have improved my palette, my repertoire of strokes and marks, and my ability to find workable solutions. Often I paint from emotional memory , trying to come close to how I saw the subject in my mind at the time.

In the last few years I have been attending Life Classes. I am now a regular at the Star Group in Lewes. These sessions have proved invaluable to my development as an artist. I have painted and/or drawn most of my life. There have been fallow periods, but I have always felt the need to come back to it. I studied (pre-diploma courses) at Epsom and Watford, and then did a B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art at Portsmouth Polytechnic, now University of Portsmouth. That was all a long time ago.

Some of the works have been sold or given (orange stickers) and almost all of the others are for sale. If you are interested in any of the works, please and we can arrange a viewing.

Recent exhibitions:
Different Strokes, Arts at the Crypt, 2013 (Two man show with Anthony Felton)
Artists United, The Foundry Lewes 2013 (Group show)
Artists United, The Foundry Lewes 2014 (Group show)
St. Andrews Art School, Lewes 2014 (Group show)
Lifers: (Star Life Drawing Group), Hop Gallery, Lewes 2015
Star Life Drawing Group, Lewes House, Lewes 2017
Celebrating Life (Star Life Drawing Group), Lewes House, Lewes 2019